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Tom Ammiano

Tom Ammiano is a legendary San Francisco leader who has served the City for four decades as a teacher, School Board President, President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, and has had an unmatched record of achievement as a member of the State Assembly.

In 1975, Tom came out as the first openly gay teacher in SF. In 1977 he worked on the No on 6 campaign with Harvey Milk, which successfully defeated an anti-gay initiative to ban gay teachers in CA. Tom went on to be elected to the San Francisco Board of Education from 1990-1994, to the Board of Supervisors representing District 9 from 1994-2008, and was elected to the CA State Assembly in November 2008.

Tom has been at the forefront of reform on many issues including affordable housing, LGBTQ rights, education, labor, immigration, prisons, and marijuana. Tom has been an exceptional leader and throughout his career has given a voice to underrepresented communities.

Tom “The Mother of Gay Comedy” Ammiano has been a standup comic since 1980 when he pioneered gay comedy night at the Valencia Rose Cabaret in San Francisco.

For more information, please contact:
Esther Marks
125 Upper Terrace
San Francisco, CA 94117
Phone Number: (415) 665-5417


News and Events
Ammiano milestone bill to correct prosecutor misconduct goes to governor
San Francisco BayView, 9/4/14
Ammiano bill to close Prop. 13 loopholes wins support from long-warring business groups and tax reformers
The Sacramento Bee, 5/14/14
Ammiano bill to limit use of inhumane solitary confinement
SF Bay View, 4/8/14
Ammiano bill helps homeless youth access services to keep them off the streets and out of criminal justice system
Bay Area Reporter, 2/27/14
Repeal of California transgender student rights bill fails
The Sacramento Bee, 2/24/14
Ammiano says this is time to strike on marijuana reform
The Huffington Post, 1/22/14
Immigrant Rights Advocates Celebrate Ammiano bill protecting their rights
The SF Appeal, 1/1/14
Ammiano to propose sentencing commission to correct imbalance around sentencing
The Sacramento Bee, 11/13/13
Governor signs all 13 Ammiano bills
Governor signs Ammiano's Trust Act, setting Important Immigration Reform
The New York Times, 10/6/13
Ammiano Domestic Workers Bill Becomes Law
The Sacramento Bee, 9/26/13
Ammiano's CleanPowerSF must begin in order to bring clean power to San Francisco
SF Examiner, 8/30/13
Governor signs Ammiano's bill empowering transgender students
The Sacramento Bee, 8/12/13
Ammiano urges establishment fair and humane policies for prisoners
Ammiano's 30 bills this session of wide ranging reforms gets execeptionaly strong support
Ammiano working to undo Medi-Cal cuts
The Sacramento Bee, 4/10/13
Ammiano wants all new bridges evaluated to see if they need suicide barriers
SF Examiner, 2/21/13
Ammiano corrects restaurant overcharge for Healthy San Francisco
SF Chronicle, 1/25/13
Ammiano Healthy San Francisco led to businesses offering more health benefits
SF Chronicle, 1/8/13
Ammiano to Close Proposition 13 Corporate Loopholes
The Sacramento Bee, 12/7/12
Ammiano introduces Homeless Rights Bill
SF Chronicle, 12/4/12
Governor signs Ammiano bill barring unfair evictions
BeyondChron, 10/2/12
Governor signs Ammiano bill providing LGBT training for foster parents to provide supportive environment for youth to grow and learn safely
Los Angeles Times, 9/28/12
Governor signs Ammiano bill providing important alternatives to student suspensions and expulsions, 9/24/12
Ammiano Trust Act restores community trust and saves jail space for serious offenders, deserves to be law
New York Times, 7/21/12
San Francisco Bay Guardian salutes Ammiano's unmatched courage and integrity
San Francisco Bay Guardian, 4/24/12
Ammiano co-sponsor of bill to protect franchise small businesses
Blue MauMau, 3/15/12
Governor Signs anti-bullying law [Microsoft Word Doc]

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