Tom Ammiano
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On the Issues - Summary
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Universal Health Care.
Tom authored and passed law to make San Francisco the first city in American to provide universal health care access.

Great Schools. Sponsored and helped pass “Great Schools” Charter Amendment adding $300 million to SF public schools.

Living Wage. Won battle to dramatically increase salaries for lowest-paid city employees and contract workers.

Mission Housing. Led the fight to protect Mission housing, nonprofits and artists from profit-hungry live-work developers.

Children’s Fund. Established the fund that provides millions annually to subsidize child care, health and social services for SF youth.

Police Reform. Authored measures to increase police accountability and strengthen the Office of Citizen’s Complaints.

Domestic Partners. Passed pioneering law to extend marriage privileges to domestic partners in the City.

District Elections. Sponsored & helped pass Charter Amendment to ensure neighborhood accountability and representation at City Hall.

Gang Prevention Spearheaded the establishment of outreach and gang-prevention programs for at-risk youth.

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Pedestrian Safety. Pushed the city to install new stop signs, crosswalks, and speed bumps in the district to make it safe for pedestrians.

Bilingual Services. Won funding for Spanish-speaking social workers for district health clinic.

Mission Safety. Secured police officers devoted entirely to increasing public safety in the Mission and the lower 24th Street neighborhood.

Immigrant Housing. Created rental funding program to protect immigrants who lose federal subsidies for public housing.

New Citizens. Began program to assist immigrants who wish to become US citizens.

Nonprofit Assistance. Acquired funding to improve non-profit arts organizations and save them from eviction.

Affordable Housing. Created a fund to assist first-time home buyers and develop housing available to all the City’s residents.

Eviction Protection. Tripled the amount landlords must pay to relocate evicted tenants.

Political Reform. Wrote landmark campaign finance reform legislation to curb the influence of special interests and contractors on local elections.

Solar Energy. Led successful campaign to fund renewable energy installations and energy conservation improvements for both the public and the private sector.

MUNI & Transit. Secured over $780 million in new funding for SF public transportation.

Child Abuse. Established the Work Group to End Youth Exploitation and worked with DPH to create safe house for young victims of sexual exploitation.

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“Just about every piece of historic legislation we’ve seen in the last decade in San Francisco has Ammiano’s fingerprints all over it.”

– Bay Area Reporter

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